Penbro puts you in complete control of your home environment with state of the art lighting and control systems. Whether it is custom engineered systems that respond seamlessly to your lifestyle and home environment or packaged lighting solutions, Penbro understands how to bring it all together to provide the utmost in simplicity and convenience for all of your lighting needs.

A push of a button guarantees an exact scene for various purposes such as safety, ambiance as well as task management. These choices can significantly enhance the elements or features of a space making an area more functional and pleasing.



Penbro uses design and engineering to create inspiring environments. Collaboration with clients on assignments of all sizes ensures that our ideas solve specific challenges and create lasting value.


Utilizing materials in perfect harmony between aesthetic and value, with an emphasis on neat work, our passionate team allows our installations to stand out at any point of the project.


Our approach to technology in homes is that simple is usually best.  We aim to create intuitive controls and interfaces that will stand the test of time, and enrich the lives of you and your family.

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